• Recovering from Overwhelm

    an interactive and immersive workshop
    Offered by Leadership Snohomish County
    June 20 at Edmonds Commnunity College

Transform Your Boundaries eCourses

The Transform Your Boundaries Series is centered on the simple notion that your boundaries are there to take care of you, but they can’t unless you tune in to, know and strengthen them.

  • Choosing Your Boundaries eCourse

    The lessons of this course are centered on learning the traits of the seven behavior patterns.

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  • Listening to your Boundaries eCourse

    The lessons of this course explores the importance of caring for one’s self.

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Conferences and Workshops

Transform Your Boundaries® and
Naming And Taming Overwhelm® workshops

Sarri’s workshops and presentations are tailored for both personal and professional development. If you have a special interest or specific need for your group, Sarri will customize a training to meet your needs.
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Transform Your Boundaries

Transform Your Boundaries provides a hands-on experience that gets you, the reader, immediately involved in developing your very own boundary skills in your everyday life. You will learn how to tackle boundaries of all shapes and sizes from the simplest to the most extreme.

What was at one time insurmountable can become easily doable through developing the tools necessary, which are clearly explained by Sarri through examples. You’ll recognize parts of yourself as you read.

Naming and Taming Ovewhelm
For Healthcare and Human Service Providers

If you work in health and human services, you know how susceptible you and your colleagues are to stress and compassion fatigue. The risk factors and occurrences of becoming overwhelmed are widespread and systemic.

Naming and Taming Overwhelm will help you recognize if or when your're becoming overwhelmed and provide simple steps to protect and care for yourself.

Learn how to tune into your own personal signals as well as develop techniques for listening to and helping your colleagues who may experience their own early signs of feeling overwhelmed.

Boundary Consultations

Do you need boundary help? Did you read Sarri’s book and have a question?

Contact Sarri for a boundary consultation. Boundary consultations are one hour by Skype or phone and appointments are scheduled by email.

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“It will challenge how you look at every human interaction. It is profound."

Karri Matau, Greater Everett Community Foundation