Health Issues

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Chronic health issues have a tremendous impact on emotions, behavior, and relationships - including the relationship you have with yourself.

I have worked with people who have had very challenging health issues. Therapy can be helpful to strengthen and equip you to make the changes needed to best support your well-being.

While therapy may not cure you, I have learned from my clients that they believe some of their healing does come from making a stronger mind-body connection in our work together. Learning to trust your instincts, coping with unknowns, reinventing your life, learning a new normal, finding joy and fulfillment in the present, listening to your dreams, distinguishing fears that are helpful from ones that are harmful, surrounding yourself with loving support, protecting yourself, setting boundaries and doing things that are meaningful are all part of the work of living well with health issues.

I am experienced working with people who have faced cancer, heart attacks, strokes, brain surgery, diabetes, amputation, conditions that are disabling, conditions where the diagnosis is murky but there is a lot of exhaustion, and working with parents who have young children with serious health issues.

I work with caregivers as well. It is important that all parts of the family receive support. When one family member has an illness, all members of the family are affected by the illness. It has different symptoms and may show up as anxiety, fear, helplessness, over responsibility, sleep problems, etc., in family members.