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There are different theories about depression. My experience is that it helps to first do a thorough assessment to understand what kind of depression you have and the options for treatment.

A first time, single episode of depression is treated differently than recurring depression.

There are also different degrees of depression.

A person can be experiencing a few symptoms that are troubling, or they can experiencing many symptoms that are severe and interfering with their ability to function in their normal life.

It is not unusual to have depression and anxiety mixed.

It is best to come in for therapy as soon as the signs of depression are apparent.

Sometimes in therapy I will recommend that a person get a medication evaluation, or use alternative and complimentary therapy in addition to counseling. Different types of depression respond better to different approaches used in combination.

In counseling we will explore the triggers for your specific depression and how to help you recover. Truly knowing what triggered the depression can be complicated and very important to understand.

Recovery from depression is different for each person and I will work closely with you to help you recover. I’ve worked with people who have suffered deeply from depression and have seen incredible healing. I am committed to helping each person truly recover.

Don’t give up. Don’t do it alone. You could become very frustrated and not find your way through it.