This is a serious condition that can be hard to recognize. Mostly, people who live with this condition suffer from their feelings.

While everyone has feelings, and sometimes we suffer, it is different when you have this condition. The difference is the intensity of every single feeling.

The best way to treat this condition is to help the person who has the condition learn essential self-care skills. They have to manage many triggers and learn when they need help. A care team is essential. Sometimes they need a doctor or a hospital, and the person who has this condition must be able to advocate for themselves by learning to say, "I am bipolar", and describe what stage of an episode they are in.

First they need to learn all of this: they need to learn to accept the diagnosis, learn skills to help manage through tides of feelings, and learn to trust a care team when they need it. Then they need to learn life skills that help them live well.

People living with this condition benefit from support with their closest relationships.

Everyone needs support and help defining roles, responsiblities, and limits. The lack of self-control that can be part of the bipolar condition, or an episode, can be harmful to close relationships. It is important that everyone get the help and boundaries they need for their well being.