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Anxiety untreated can become very difficult to deal with alone. It is like being attacked and then held hostage.

In therapy I will explore many elements of your life, because people who are vulnerable to anxiety need to be very careful with how they set up their life.

Being under pressure can trigger serious symptoms. Anxiety can co-occur with depression.

Sometimes life circumstances are creating a truly anxious situation. Anyone would be anxious facing certain issues. There is a difference in how to treat anxiety that is appropriate for a situation and treating anxiety that seems to interefere with your quality of life. Either way, therapy is very helpful to find ways to know the difference and develop ways to not allow the anxiety to take control of your life. There are things we can do together to address the fear.

When anxiety gets in control of a person’s life, it can be consuming. It can get in the way of the present as you focus on what could happen in the future and rob you of peace of mind.