I work with people who are in recovery and with family members who are struggling with someone who is addicted.

Addiction affects the whole family. Everyone gets symptoms whether you use or don't use.

Many addicts go through different stages of addiction. It is important to understand how far along the person has progressed into the disease. The course of treatment may be different at different stages.

It is common for addicts to eventually wear out their closest relationships. Whatever stage you have suffered through, we can help you find your ground. Addiction causes a signficant amount of grief and fear for family members.

Trauma and loss can engulf people in sorrow for what could have been.

Family members need to learn that addiction damages a person's ability to be responsible. Responsibility is the most important word for family members to learn if they want to support someone's recovery effort.

Addiction recovery is a very difficult process for families to learn and we will work at it one step at a time.