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  • Ongoing: Northwest Educational Service District - Self-Care for staff

  • January-March: South Southwest Mental Health Technology Training Center (MHTTC) is hosting Working Well: A Series of Workshops with Sarri Gilman, LMFT

  • March 19 - Tacoma Public Library staff training on overwhelm

  • March 25 - Keynote Address for South Southwest Mental Health Technology Training Center (MHTTC)

  • Monthly: SoulCollage® Group

How To Schedule an Event with Sarri

  1. Review the four topic areas that Sarri offers below

  2. Contact Sarri at: to discuss your interest, group size and dates you are considering

  3. Talk with Sarri to customize the presentation for your audience

Sarri speaking at TEDx event

Sarri offers Four Different Topic Areas for Presentations

All About Boundaries Recovery from Overwhelm Understanding Mental Health Issues SoulCollage®

All About Boundaries - Sample Topics for Presentations:

Boundary skills help prevent burnout, lower stress, and improve wellbeing - based on Sarri's book Transform Your Boundaries

1. Boundaries, Self-Care, and Sustainability - This is a significant topic for career development and leadership development. This is appropriate for companies that are developing their leaders. It is also helpful for volunteers and large volunteer-dependent efforts (such as Rotarys, Soroptomists and NPO’s).

2. Leadership and Boundaries - 21st Century leaders are expected to manage a very complex landscape that requires a depth of skills. Mastering boundaries at every level will help leaders be healthy and allow them to grow healthy, strong teams.

3. Wellbeing and Boundaries - For any group that wants a wellness boost. This is a fun skill-based workshop to increase your personal wellbeing.

4. Transform Your Boundaries® Workshops - interactive 3-5 hours with your team

Recovery From Overwhelm - Sample Topics for Presentations

Learn doable steps to prevent and treat the damaging impact of overwhelm - based on Sarri's book Naming and Taming Overwhelm

1. What is Overwhelm and what can we do about it? - Recognizing overwhelm as more than just a self-care problem. This presentation explains how overwhelm is vast and all around us. Learn strategies for immediate steps to begin recovery.

2. Overwhelm and Leadership - 21st century leaders are facing a crisis with overwhelmed employees, organizations and systems. Learn steps to take to stop the damaging impact of overwhelm.

3. Recovery, Healing and Overwhelm - for health care, human services and educators.

4. Naming and Taming Overwhelm® Workshop - interactive 3-5 hours with your team.

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Sarri provided Recovering from Overwhelm workshops for our team of nearly 300 mental health therapists, nurses and psychiatrists. Participants experienced it as deeply validating and normalizing during a very abnormal time. As we head into a particularly challenging time where we expect a greater portion of the population to experience mental health concerns due to the pandemic and social and political unrest, our leaders and teams have a shared framework, tools and skills to create a culture of self care.

For anyone looking to help their teams do the work of caring for others in a sustainable way during a challenging time, I highly recommend Sarri. It was time well spent and we’ll be following up by offering her journals to our teammates as gifts.

Maria Coghill - Director, Mental Health and Wellness at Kaiser Permanente Washington

I cannot speak highly enough of Sarri and her programs. She understands first-hand the trauma that clients and staff deal with every day. She answers questions, encourages questions and shares tools to use. She uses humor and makes an incredible connection with people.

Vicci L. Hilty, Executive Director, Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County

Sarri Gilman’s presentation was phenomenal. Her thoughtful approach to teaching self-care and boundary setting was engaging from beginning to end. Our network came out of this training encouraged, energized, and equipped with tools to navigate making self-care a priority, setting healthy boundaries and what to do when we have pushback from others in any of these areas. Such a powerful presentation to support our network in the work we do as well as in this time of navigating life during a pandemic.

Washington State P2P is beyond grateful we found Sarri and the work she is doing, we are already looking forward to the next time we can have her attend another training!

Theresa Van Pelt - Parent to Parent Coordinator

Understanding Mental Health Issues - Sample Topics for Presentations

Sarri Gilmand and Cr. Howard Aposhyan

Mental health can feel complicated and confusing. Sarri explains different mental health issues and the approaches to healing.

1. Understanding Trauma and ways to recover

2. Understanding different mental health conditions: bipolor, depressions, suicide, addiction, understanding psychosis, how the brain works, etc.

3. Understanding mental health issues

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Sarri is a SoulCollage Facilitator

Sarri is a SoulCollage® Facilitator and is able to bring to your group or organization this powerful method to discover what you need to support you in your life right now. This fun process always reveals parts of yourself that may have been hidden. We will connect these discoveries to understanding your boundaries and your self-care. You don’t have to have any art expertise. You will learn a guided process you can take home with you and do anytime.
This is a fun, addictive, and soul-stirring process!

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Please contact Sarri at: to discuss your interest, group size and dates you are considering.