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Meaningful and memorable experiences for your group

Both the Naming and Taming and the Boundary Workshops
at United Way of Pierce County, WA
September 27, 28 2017

Naming and Taming Overwhelm Workshop
Transform Your Boundaries Workshop

Do you want a meaningful and memorable experience for your group?

Sarri’s workshops and presentations are tailored for both personal and professional development. If you have a special interest or specific need for your group, Sarri will customize a training to meet your needs. Below you will see some sample topics and workshops.

Boundary skills help prevent burnout, lower stress, and improve wellbeing.

Sample Topics for Keynotes:

1. Boundaries, Self-Care, and Sustainability - This is a significant topic for career development and leadership development. This is appropriate for companies that are developing their leaders. It is also helpful for volunteers and large volunteer-dependent efforts (such as Rotarys, Soroptomists and NPO’s). (Your specified length of time)

2. Leadership and Boundaries - 21st Century leaders are expected to manage a very complex landscape that requires a depth of skills. Mastering boundaries at every level will help leaders be healthy and allow them to grow healthy, strong teams. (Your specified length of time)

3. Wellbeing and Boundaries - For any group that wants a wellness boost. This is a fun skill-based workshop to increase your personal wellbeing. (Your specified length of time)

Naming and Taming Overwhelm® Workshop

Naming and Taming Overwhelm Workshop of 5-6 hours based on Sarri's book Naming and Taming Overwhelm

Transform Your Boundaries® Workshop

Transform Your Boundaries workshop of 3-6 hours based on Sarri's book Transform Your Boundaries

Which workshop should I do first, Transform Your Boundaries or Naming and Taming Overwhelm?

You can do whichever one you need first. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you will get relief starting in the Overwhelm workshop.
If you are tired of your struggle with boundaries and are ready to learn new boundary skills, start with the Boundary workshop.
The workshops work together to give you a complete and comprehensive skill set.

Please contact Erika Olson, Event Manager: 206-369-2467, to discuss your interest, group size and dates you are considering.