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Sarri has created these series of books to help people learn essential self-care skills.
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The Mystery of Knowing Journal: A writing odyssey to be true to who you are
Transform Your Boundaries
Naming and Taming Overwhelm: For Healthcare and Human Service Providers

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The Mystery of Knowing Journal:
A writing odyssey to be true to who you are

The Mystery of Knowing Journal Front Cover "This journal fits perfectly with the intention of our workshop, which is all about empowering women of color to connect with their authentic selves, connect with other women of color, and practice fierce self care. This journal is a roadmap to all of those practices, while also encouraging healing through journaling and reflection. Everyone can benefit from this journal, but communities of color can especially benefit from this tool as a way to help us connect more deeply with ourselves, those around us, and our spiritual practices."
Leilani Raglin -

How do you nurture your spirit and be true to who you are? This guided journal will support your true self as you dive deeply into a reflecting process through writing - to increase your self-care, experience more joy, and grow healthy boundaries.

In this journal you will be exploring your self-care and your boundaries. This journal is a creative playful space where you will be eased past the daunting blank page and inspired to write or collage in its pages.

This journal will guide you below the surface, to where the truth lives.

I am a psychotherapist who teaches workshops about self-care, boundaries, and overwhelm. I have learned that very few people attending my workshops had a journal practice. Though you can learn things from my books and workshops, as well as from those offered by others, your greatest learning will come from inside of you. You can also use the journal with your therapist.

The journal is meant for people who are curious about journals and ready to take steps and try journaling as a habit and way to go deeper when writing.

My hope is you will discover, through writing, ways to nurture your spirit and be true to who you are.

Maybe you have not had time to sit with a journal. Perhaps you aren't sure how a journal could help you exercise self-care, experience more joy, and grow healthy boundaries. If you are new to journaling, I only want you to spend ten minutes in this journal when you write. Short bursts of writing.

The questions will start you on a trail. Where the trail leads is what you will discover as you write.

Transform Your Boundaries®

Transform Your Boundaries book cover "You will learn more about who you are, what's most important to you, how to listen to yourself and develop the skill of guiding your own life."
Dr. Michael Douglas - Talk Therapy LA

Do you have trouble saying no without guilt? Discover how to establish boundaries to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Have you struggled with the emotional drain of other people’s demands? Do you feel confronted by those who aggressively test your limits? Is it difficult maintaining positive relationships with those who want more than you’re willing to give? Sarri has helped thousands across the globe build and sustain internal barriers that improve their overall wellbeing. Now she’s here to show you how to use your instincts to protect yourself, listen better to your inner voice, and follow through on actions that enhance self-care.

Transform Your Boundaries is a straight-to-the-point manual referencing case studies and typical roles such as the “Workaholic” and the “Sacrificer” to identify and employ the necessary tools for mental resilience. Using Gilman’s simple examples and step-by-step process, you’ll develop the skills needed to safeguard your sanity against challengers. By following this self-affirming approach to achieving personal insight and an immovable stance, you will be empowered to live your best life.

In Transform Your Boundaries, you’ll discover:

  • A highly effective YES/NO compass for understanding your own boundaries and increasing your self-care resources
  • How to reduce the “noise” around you to reach a calm state
  • The seven boundary patterns that will help you tune in to your individual wisdom
  • Methods to decrease stress and anxiety to clear your path towards your true purpose
  • Easy exercises to follow, journal questions for reflection, and much, much more!

Transform Your Boundaries is your guide to standing your ground against external pressures. If you like take-charge advice, solutions for gaining control, and momentous turning points, then you’ll love Sarri Gilman’s life-changing resource.

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Naming and Taming Overwhelm

For Healthcare and Human Service Providers

Naming and Taming Overwhelm book cover "I have been in health care system leadership for over three decades. I read in depth about Caregiver Burnout and resilience. With that said, I want to recommend Sarri Gilman’s most recent book entitled Naming and Taming Overwhelm. It is Outstanding!!! It is a major contribution to the literature on 'MD and Caregiver Burnout.'
Author Sarri Gilman has authored an insightful work defining 'overwhelm' in healthcare and naming it as the root of the crisis of caregiver burnout. Wow! This work needs to reach healthcare leaders!"
John B

If you work in health and human services, you know how susceptible you and your colleagues are to stress and compassion fatigue. The risk factors and occurrences of becoming overwhelmed are widespread and systemic. However, the industry generally addresses only the symptoms, rather than treating the problem holistically.

Naming and Taming Overwhelm will help you recognize if or when your're becoming overwhelmed and provide simple steps to protect and care for yourself.

Learn how to tune into your own personal signals as well as develop techniques for listening to and helping your colleagues who may experience their own early signs of feeling overwhelmed.

The book also serves as a journal and workbook. Each chapter ends with an “Apply It” section, which poses pertinent questions to the reader along with blank journal pages for written responses and notes.